Stratos Drakoulis is living proof that genuine passion can ignite your drive to excel. By combining true passion with quality and expertise, Drakoulis guarantees an enticing meat experience.

Almost 50 years ago, there was a man with a dream, his name was Stavros Drakoulis. A local butcher from Cleo Lesvos, who decided to cross the Aegean Sea and open his very own butchery in Nea Smyrni in 1965. With his genuine devotion to high quality meat and loyal customers, Stavros Drakoulis paved the way for a new era in butchery. Right at the dawn of the new era, the butchery was passed down to Stratos, a new owner, with a new vision, to source and deliver with great care the most premium quality meat products from around the world.

Drakoulis Butcheries & Restaurants

Through his vision quest, Stratos conveyed his refined knowledge and knowhow to his entire team, forging highly experienced professional butchers along the way. His eager mind and ardent spirit got him to foresee his customers’ needs and provide them with meat experiences and culinary journeys they didn’t know existed.

Some of the best meat and more particular beef products in the world have been introduced to the Greek market by Stratos Drakoulis who has been trusted and rewarded with international awards and certifications for preparing and delivering the very best quality meat products with utmost care and respect at a fair price. His products currently include the legendary Kobe beef and the most prestigious of all: Matsusaka, exclusively distributed to the Greek and European markets by Drakoulis.

By merging his passion for meat with that of music, Stratos Drakoulis began to offer a signature culinary experience at the butchery of Nea Smyrni where customers could select the best meat products from around the world with the help of the professional butchers according to their needs and liking while enjoying the upbeat electronic atmosphere. The top-quality meat products continued to attract more and more customers every day leading to the creation of the new butchery in Voula. His vision for the brand began to expand and so did his potentials, he saw opportunities and continued to push the boundaries to become better and better every step of the way.

Never compromising on quality, Stratos Drakoulis continues to go beyond the extra mile in search of the very best partners and meat suppliers in the world becoming not only the reference for quality meat but also highly sought after by premium international meat producers, to best carry their products. Geared by their trust, and the company’s mission to always provide the best meat in the best way possible, Drakoulis company offers state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with ultra-modern machinery: meat is cleaned and cut to precision, packed at optimum quality in exact weights in accordance with the latest international standards and conserved in its ultimate freshness. 

By popular demand of the ever growing customers wishing to better enjoy the bespoke meat products and premium meat cuts found at Drakoulis’ Butcheries as well as the unique signature atmosphere and décor, a restaurant was the inevitable next step so as to deliver a full meat experience. First, in the lower level of the butchery in Voula, followed by one at the neighbourhood of Kefalari at Kifissia district and one in Psychiko, Athens. Nowadays, at a state-of-the-art butchery and three high-end restaurants in Athens, Greece specially designed to offer you a premium meat experience you will never forget.


Drakoulis Restaurants offer a signature 360 meat experience in an upbeat state-of-the-art environment that transforms by night with electronic music vibes.


Offering a meat experience unlike any other, Dry & Raw welcomes guests to enjoy a fusion of Mediterranean flavours and Japanese cooking with some of the best cuts of meat from around the world chosen with the help of our butchers to meet your tastes and wants.


After his father’s sudden death in 1987, Stratos had to take over the family butchery at the age of 16. At that time, he could never imagine the course that his life would follow.

He was focused, determined and eager to learn everything there is to know about meat. With all that he learned from his father serving as a guide and all that he learned during his travels abroad, Stratos wanted to perfect the art of butchery, find the best meat suppliers in the world and learn how to treat, store, cut and sell the best quality meat products. Sourcing and delivering the very best meat products in the world became his passion. Welcoming customers in his restaurants to select the meat of their choosing from the butchery with the help of meat experts and enjoy an incredible meal unlike any other became his joy, introducing a signature meat experience unlike any other.