The Drakoulis brand was first introduced to the market almost fifty years ago, by its late founder Stavros Drakoulis.

In 1987 it was passed down to Stratos Drakoulis who worked relentlessly to perfect his knowledge on meat and butchery skills. A knowledge he acquired over the years on the side of top meat experts, exclusive partners and distributors worldwide.

He soon began a never-ending quest sourcing and delivering the very best meat products from around the world along with exclusive meat cuts that only Drakoulis introduced to the Greek market and in Europe. With 2 butcheries and 2 restaurants, run by a premium executive chef and highly skilled professional butchers, he has succeeded in offering his customers access to premium meat products, as well as advising them regarding the quality of meats, the right type, cut and grade of meat depending on preference and occasion.

Stratos Drakoulis’ passion is meat, and it is crucial for him that he passes through his knowledge to his customers so they get to select the meats that best fits their needs. Through the help of the highly skilled butchers, this is made possible, as customers can select top quality meat products and exclusive cuts to enjoy at home or in the vibrant atmosphere the Drakoulis Restaurants offer, all the the same fair value.

Never resting on his accomplishments, Stratos Drakoulis won’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. He will continue his search to acquire the best meat products in the world for his customers and to constantly expand in areas in need of his extraordinary offerings such as upscale restaurants, catering companies, executive chefs, luxury hotels and private yachts.