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1965 was a milestone year for the Drakoulis name in the Greek market. It marked the departure of the late Stavros Drakoulis from his homeland of Lesbos to begin working as an assistant butcher in the central market of Athens. Soon after, he opened the first company store in Nea Smyrni.
In 1987, his son, Stratos Drakoulis, assumed leadership with the ambition of driving the company to the forefront. He immediately immersed himself in the world of meat, collaborating with top butchers, exclusive partners, and distributors worldwide, honing his expertise and refining his skills.
Stratos Drakoulis’ successful journey continues, marked by the establishment of new stores and state-of-the-art restaurants. These are managed by experienced executive chefs who collaborate closely with highly knowledgeable and specialized butchers. In June 2021, the launch of Drakoulis Wholesales signaled the company’s dynamic expansion into wholesales, meat processing, and standardization, catering to butcher stores, food supply companies, hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, executive chefs, and private yachts.
The company’s futuristic facilities in Koropi adhere to all European standards, reflecting the innovative approach of both founder Stratos Drakoulis and his expert team. Drakoulis’ professional journey remains rooted in the relentless pursuit of the finest meat products worldwide, as well as the introduction of unique cuts exclusively to the Greek market.
Driven by passion and unwavering commitment to his vision, Stratos Drakoulis was among the first entrepreneurs in the industry to introduce premium meat products like Kobe beef, Wagyu, and Matsusaka to the Greek audience. Through collaborations with Greek farmers and the production of Greek Wagyu, the company has expanded into the Delicatessen sector and strengthened its presence in yachting, offering premium services as a specialized yacht provisioner.
Celebrating 60 years of success, Drakoulis maintains its position as a market leader and a renowned brand, excelling in both retail and wholesale sectors, and delivering top-quality products and high-end services.



Filet Mignon – Ribeye – New York Strip – T-Bone – Porterhouse – Flank – Tri-Tip – Chuck Eye – Flat Iron – Brisket – Tomahawk – Minced Meat

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