Stratos Drakoulis has such a passion for what he does that he has managed to contribute to the evolution of meat gastronomy in Greece by offering easy access to the best quality meat products from around the world.

Raising the bar even higher, he came up with the Dry & Raw concept, an in-house restaurant at Drakoulis’ butcher shop that soon became the talk of the town. First, in the lower level of Stratos Drakoulis’ butchery in Voula, a “secret”, almost private atmospheric restaurant reflecting its owner’s true passion and then in the neighborhood of Kifissia, followed by another addition in the high-end district of Psychiko, now regarded by its regulars as the best steakhouse in Athens. Dry & Raw, the famous meat restaurants, offer an original meat-eating experience by allowing their customers-with the help of the highly skilled butchers-to select their meat off of a wide selection of premium meat cuts from around the world and enjoy a meal unlike any other. Whether you enjoy your meat cooked to perfection or raw, it is guaranteed to be at your exact taste and liking and at the same price as offered at the butchery.

Best Steakhouse in Athens

Echoing the owner’s eccentric and avant-garde character, Dry & Raw restaurants convey a sense of private dining in stylish environs adorned with wood, iron and leather details creating an industrial and yet cosy setting. The upbeat music adds an extra buzz to the atmosphere putting meat in the center of a truly international stage. The crème de la crème of meat is perfectly aligned in refrigerators by breed, origin and farms, age and cutting; the monastic tables are set, the lights are dimmed and the time to enjoy the best quality meat in town has arrived.

The menu is an ode to meat, with tartare and carpaccio from various breeds, wagyu sashimi, American black angus from top farms, Tomahawk steak, Japanese Wagyu Beef, the world’s most exclusive Kobe beef and Matsusaka and many more exquisite options. Holding a certificate for the authentic Japanese Kobe, Dry & Raw feature an extensive selection of Kobe dishes. They are also an ode to the legendary Matsusaka beef, first introduced to the Greek and European markets by Drakoulis with a special Matsusaka menu that will surely excite your palates. So, if you’ve been wondering where to eat Kobe in Greece or exclusive Matsusaka creations, simply head to what is considered by many the best steakhouse in Athens.